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FY25 Massachusetts Regional Tourism Council Grant Program 

Request For Responses (RFR) Guidelines And Application Information


RFR RELEASE DATE: June 24, 2024


ONLINE APPLICATION DEADLINE: August 12, 2024 at 3:00 PM 

Online applications only. Hard copies or electronic copies will not be considered. Applications must include all required documentation by the program deadline.



Kate Fox

MOTT Executive Director


Phyllis M. Cahaly

Director of Partnership Marketing 



Pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 23A, Sections 13T & 14, The Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism (MOTT) has established a program for financial assistance to public or nonprofit agencies which promote or provide services for tourism, convention, travel, and recreation in the Commonwealth. 

The total amount appropriated in this memo is $8,148,636. 

The FY25 Regional Tourism Council (RTC) Grant Program projected funding level is $8,148,636, funded through the Tourism Trust Fund and FY24 Gaming Revenue. The projected funding level is subject to change based on final FY24 Gaming Revenue collections. Disbursements will be determined based on a five-factor funding formula and review of an FY25 Marketing Plan.



Eligible agencies identify as Regional Tourism Councils, (RTC), representing the following designated service areas: Greater Boston, North of Boston, Greater Merrimack Valley, Bristol County, Plymouth County, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket Island, MetroWest, Johnny Appleseed Trail, Central Massachusetts, Greater Springfield, Hampshire County, Franklin County, The Berkshires, and Mohawk Trail and to any other public or nonprofit agency which fulfills the following requirements:

  • In operation for two consecutive years prior to applying for this grant.
  • Spends $15,000 in its fiscal year on tourism or a public or nonprofit agency. 
  • Can meet the 1:1 matching funds requirement for the FY25 Regional Tourism Council Grants. 
  • Has a total budget larger than the average of Massachusetts tourist promotion agencies as estimated by the executive director of MOTT and which spends 25% percent of said budget on tourism.



Regional Tourism Council grant applications will be judged based on the following criteria. 

Per legislative mandate, 2.158% of the total budget appropriation is allocated to The Mohawk Trail Association. Remaining funds are distributed in accordance with the five-factor funding performance-based formula. The amount of funds received by any one agency is based on the following weighted criteria:

1.  Economic Impact: 40%

-     State Rooms Tax Collections FY23:     Contribution of region to statewide economic impact, MA DOR (20%)

-     Regional share of direct spending by all domestic travelers CY22:    Contribution of region to statewide economic impact, USTA Economic Impact Study (20%)

2.  Regional Commitment : 20% 

-    Proportion of FY24 private sector funds exceeding one-to-one match requirement:     Region’s private-sector commitment to tourism marketing and services, RTC Grant Application (10%)

-    Relative share of each RTC’s FY24 private sector funds to total of all RTC private sector funds:     Region’s private-sector commitment to tourism and marketing services, RTC Grant Application (10%)

3.  Demonstrated marketing effectiveness, integration of promotional plan with other private and public agency plans, assurance that the funded proposal will be in addition to the work currently being done by the agency, and that the agency will maintain a continued effort of the funded program: 40%

-    FY25 Marketing Strategy Evaluation:    Effective planning and implementation of tourism programs and   integration with statewide marketing efforts, RTC Marketing Plan and Marketing Plan Presentation



Grant funds must be spent by June 30, 2025, unless an extension is requested and approved by MOTT. Extension requests must be submitted to MOTT by April 1, 2025. The Final Accomplishment Report and Final Spending Report formats will be included with contract documents. For the Final Spending Report, copies of original vendor invoices showing the actual grant costs incurred, the check number, and date of the check corresponding to the invoices must be submitted.

Final Report is due by July 31, 2025

Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism